Visual Artist/Blogger

Location: On the road, see Sketchy Travels for blog logging my experience. 

What types of work I enjoy doing: Honestly? A love doing a bit of it all. Architecture never ceases to amaze me, though I really favor classical architecture of a more Gothic/Baroque style. Portraits are quite enjoyable as long as the person I'm drawing has something going on inside of their head. I LOVE people sketching (people sketching - sitting in a public place and drawing whomever interests you without (or possibly with) their knowledge) and do it wherever I can. To sum this section up, I like to mix it up a bit. Too much of one thing is never good and the same can be said for art. 

What mediums do I use? Now we're getting into a bit more of what's included in my FAQ but I'll answer it anyways. I use mainly ink. Why? It's the most convenient, but provides a high level of challenge. Digital is quite enjoyable for its versatility. Pencil has its obvious perks and you have a bit more control (with more ease; you can obtain the same level with ink as long as you have a steady and controlled pressure). Paint is amazing though I can't really do much besides watercolor while traveling (unfortunately). I've also dabbled a bit in etching granite which I find extremely rewarding and challenging (see work HERE. I'm sure that there's something else, but that's all that immediately comes to mind.

A bit more personal? I'm a 24 year old who has worked a plethora of varying jobs in all kinds of fields. I've always sketched, though it originally stemmed from my efforts to avoid getting into trouble and then somewhere along the line developed into a skillset. I started being available to commission for work in 2013 and started going to Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana in January 2014. Early 2015 I stopped going as I felt that I was learning more on my own and better suited to focus on what I wanted to learn rather than what I needed to learn for a diploma. It was a great decision and I've never looked back. As of August 2016, I quit my job, sold my belongings, and moved out of my house. I've been solo backpacking/traveling Europe (starting with Iceland and working my way through Germany as of 9/2/16) and plan to continue to do so for the next 11 months. After all, what's life if you don't live it? 

Interested in commissioning me? Other questions? Shoot me an email at