Visual Artist

Me: Born in the midwest United States near Chicago. Around 25 years old. Continuously travelling to and living in new places. Currently Belgrade, Serbia. Studied Art at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, IN. 

Location: On the road, see Sketchy Travels for blog logging my experience. 

My Work: I strive to create artwork that will change minds or influence others to think. Sometimes political, religious, or completely abstract. My work is derived from my surroundings and takes in both my technical past from studying engineering as well as my more rabid interest in emotion and deeper workings of the mind. Portraits and images depicting otherwise daily/mundane tasks are some of my favorites, but in ways that allow you to inspect them under a microscope. 

I'm forever evolving and my work hopefully gaining more and more insight along the way. I'll be doing quite a bit more in the upcoming year, so stay posted!

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