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Backpacking Europe

Plans are made to be changed. That's what they say, right? I'm sure someone has said that.

Anyways, I'm putting my move out west on hold and instead backpacking Europe for as long as possible (9 months minimum; 1 year ideally). Everywhere I go, I'll be drawing what I see and who I meet. I'm bringing some stock with that's roughly the size of postcards, which I'll post on social media whenever I have the chance. If you would like originals, let me know (I'll include a link of some sort with each upload). Otherwise, copies of said postcards will be available to purchase via my online store.

In regards to traveling funds, I have saved up enough that I shouldn't need to pause my travels for the 365 days following August 15th, 2016, but that being said, I'm leaving the option to donate open to all who are interested. As listed once you click on the button, there are preset amounts that you can donate (from $5 to 500) as well as an option for "other" which leaves the amount up to you. Any amount below $25 will enter you into a drawing for a free print ($5 = 1 entry and $10 = 2 entries). All other amounts are as listed. For anyone feeling super generous and donating more than $500, we'll work something out ๐Ÿ˜‰


If you would rather just buy a print now and/or commission a custom work of art, that would be equally beneficial!






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