Post-Election B.S.


Post-Election B.S.

In the past 3 days, I've seen way too many posts stemming from the results of the election. From simple and understandable worry/dissatisfaction to strongly fueled hatred and contempt, it's all a bit misguided, isn't it?

We've known for months that our only options were one of these two and that neither was an obvious good choice. Still, it was always a 50/50 chance that one of them would win. Not to mention how much of the U.S. population REALLY hated Hillary. You know, the "basket of deplorables"? She alienated a large portion of the population with that one stupid line alone. And whether those people are deplorable or not doesn't matter. If you're running for an office that represents everyone, you can't blatantly tell people that they don't matter to you. So, my question is... why the surprise?

Lastly, those of you who are protesting. What exactly are you hoping to accomplish? Whether you're quietly emailing the White House with your complaints or rioting in the streets (not protesting, but full-blown riots), you have no actual goal in sight. Which invalidates your cause. You realize that, yes? Even if you hope to have Trump impeached, you'll be left with Mike Pence. Someone who essentially embodies the far-right conservative mindset and as such stands firmly for most topics that Trump is also hated for. If not even further.

I'll list a few out. Pence is:

  • Very conservative and pro-life. If you're looking for a President who supports a woman's rights in regards to her body, you will not find it with him. It's not misogyny, he's simply Catholic and that's a commonly held belief in that religion.
  • As previously mentioned, very Catholic. To such a degree where homosexuality (or anything LGBTQ-related) is unacceptable and a disorder. This is beyond Trump's stances as he's never publically expressed disdain for homosexuality, but rather a desire to allow states the power over gay marriages. Not that that's right, just clarifying his stance.
  • Immigration. Pence, while not Islamaphobic, does still have very strong feelings about strengthening borders and making the process of immigrating to the U.S. more arduous. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but that he does still hold similar feelings. That being said, he differs in the fact that he feels a ban on Muslims coming into the U.S. would be unconstitutional. So take this with a grain of salt.
  •  Economically, he doesn't seem to care much about debt-reform relating to obtaining a college degree. No student loan interest rate limits, or specific aid, or for that matter, any aid to lower-income families/elderly. On paper, he has been able to strengthen the Indiana economy, but at the cost of funding to education and proposed changes in age limits for Social Security and Medicare. Needless to say, he won't be aiding you in regards to Healthcare (though that's a different subject as healthcare as a whole needs completely rebuilt, not just the insurance aspect).

Anyways, what I'm getting at is that even if you somehow find a way to impeach Trump based on only your fears and disagreements on his stances, you'll be left with someone who is very different in temperament, but will still work against many ideologies of the left-side Democrats. You live in a country where democracy is quite literally LAW and as such, once elected, you can't take him out of office without STRONG grounds against him. Just as someone isn't guilty until some irrefutable evidence against them proves otherwise (though many in the U.S. don't seem to live by that).

Please, just stop being stupid and whining like children and do something worthwhile. If you seek change: volunteer, donate to organizations that can help, or EDUCATE others. Writing letters, yelling "Fuck Trump" in the streets, and making annoying and time-wasting facebook posts is nothing short of annoying. I get on facebook to talk with family and see how my friends are doing back home and instead, all I see are people acting like freaking children. And in case you're new here, I'm by no means a conservative, a religious nut, or in any way/shape/form an advocate for Trump nor have I ever been. So this isn't my biased view, but simply my observation from across the pond that is the ocean.

I was shocked when I saw the election results, but I'm disgusted by how people are responding. People who would normally be friends, but due to whatever factors (from upbringing to life-changing experiences) have differing political beliefs, are at each others' throats with a theoretical knife of close-mindedness. If you want to educate someone because you feel they're wrong, do you think attacking them is the best way? If someone insults you, and then tries to tell you something, will you listen? No. So people, both on the left and the right, stop sneering, stop crying, stop pointing fingers. People voted for their own reasons (or didn't vote for their own reasons) and until you can understand those and view the explanation under an unbiased light, you have no reason to hate. Not to mention you're driving a wedge between two sides of a country that really needs to stand united to combat the issues that we already had BEFORE THE ELECTION.

Anyways, I need to stop here. I have places to go, things to see, and this is already much longer than I initially planned. So go out, shake a hand, give a hug, say good morning/day/night, or keep your damn mouth shut.