I'm running into an ever-so-slight debacle while attempting to figure out exactly what to take. Or rather, I know what I need to take but need to figure out how to distribute it in order to comply with both airlines carry-on baggage requirements.

Both Icelandair and Norwegianair have carry-on weight limits of 10kg or 22lbs with one additional "laptop carrying case" type bag allowed. Being that I will be backpacking, I'm not taking very much. Just the bare necessities, my camera equipment, some art supplies, and minimal clothing (I'll wash my clothes every couple of days). I'm still barely dancing around the weight limit. So I ask for outsider input: what do you do when traveling and do you think I will be find just hanging my dslr camera around my neck in order to save a few pounds?

I've created a spreadsheet that includes weights of everything (weighed 3 times and then averaged to insure that the scale wasn't off). It may be a bit overkill, but I like to be prepared :).


Let me know any and all thoughts!