In the last blog post, I went a bit more in depth on what I plan to do while traveling in Europe. A lot of it's still open to debate and change, but for the most part I hope it aided in spelling out my intentions. This blog post will focus more on WHY I have those dreams and intentions.

So lets jump right in:

You see, I grew up spending my time in the woods and THEN moved to the city on my 18th birthday. The star filled skies and clean, crisp air of the rural woodlands were what I was accustomed to and as much as I still have a difficult time finding my place between the two, I love the serenity of the countryside. Anyways, back to my background story. In 2006, my sister and I swapped places with our cousins in Portland, OR for a portion of the summer and my life hasn't been the same since. I had never realized that there was such beauty before! The mountainous West coast vs the flat cornfields and woodlands of the Mid-West were such a rigid dichotomy that I instantly knew that if nothing else, I wanted to see more. More, more, more! I wanted to travel! Something that wouldn't happen for almost another decade.

Starting the end of May 2015, I began to work a biweekly night-shift job at a hospital in Indianapolis while scrambling to keep up with my artistic goals. Meaning I work for 77 hours in 7 days and then I'm scheduled the following 7ish days off (I normally pick up a few of those 7 in order to save for whatever travels I have my sights set on). After hearing coworkers saying "travel while you're young" and thinking "I have an entire week off!", I spent May and June saving up, and then went on my first solo roadtrip(~1,000 mi) to Georgia's Cloudland Canyons (and loved it). The travel bug was back with a vengeance! While traveling through the Smokey's and the green, hilly mountains of the South, I was again back to my childhood dream of moving out West.  

A plan that I stuck to relentlessly until I returned from yet another road trip. This time, a 2,600 mi roadtrip that I went on with a friend around the East coast this past April. Seeing the massive hills of the Appalachians, the varying views of the coast, the bustling cities of Boston and NYC, the urban jungle of Brooklyn, and the lush greenery that Maine offered, I again obtained the travel-bug. I had saved up plenty of money this past year. Why not put it to good use and spend some time exploring the western half of the United States? I figured a couple of months couldn't hurt, so that was my initial plan. A plan that lasted about two weeks before I said, "hell, if I'm going to travel I might as well go all out and backpack through Europe!". I don't enjoy working in pharmacy and I never have time to both travel AND work on my artwork, so why not commit to my goals 110% and travel the world while furthering my understanding of other cultures, my artistic abilities, and my social network? I couldn't think of any regrets that I would have as a result so shortly after I purchased tickets to Reykjavik, Iceland and from there to Berlin, Germany where I'll begin my trek.


I think that's pretty much everything up to my current situation. I move out in 21 days and then leave the US 15 days after that. Hopefully this is semi interesting and helps to explain my mindset? If so, let me know by commenting :)