As many of you know due to my spewing of details throughout the inter-web, I'll be leaving for Europe on the 15th of August where I'll reside in a vagabond-ish style, travelling for at LEAST the next 365 days.

As far as what I plan to do for that duration, I'll be using both ride-sharing and hitchhiking for my transit needs (with my feet as a good in-between mode of transportation) and a mixture of Couchsurfing, AirBnB, Hostels, and WWoof-ing for housing. I plan to draw everywhere that I go, try to learn as many languages in order to communicate/converse with locals, and see as much of nature as possible. That means hiking A LOT and seeing everything that nature has to offer :). Pricey tourist attractions will mainly be ignored unless there is a deeper meaning behind them and/or architecture/landscapes worthy of becoming artwork. I will be bringing with a few different types of cameras in order to capture as many memories as possible and will share many of those online (whether on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or on this blog). I will also try to regularly upload ink and watercolor sketches for your entertainment or for anyone to purchase. Needless to say, it will be a life-changing journey that I will never regret. I listed this in my last post, but I'll post a link HERE to the route mapped so far.

"Why are you doing this, especially now?"

That seems to be a question that I've been getting a lot here lately. So I'll go into a bit of detail. About me, my motivations, my aspirations, etc... Rather than inflating this post with something semi-but not really related, I'll post that HERE.

Let me know any thoughts/feedback!