It's been a hectic day...

I spent most of last night into the wee hours of this morning figuring out the ideal formula of what to pack and how to go about it in the most efficient manner. Then, after nearly 6 hours of repeatedly changing up my bag configuration, the bed called my name and I crept under the covers in order to salvage the few hours of darkness that remained.

*curtain rises*

~9 am: I'm semi-sort-of well rested? So I begrudgingly finish scrounging up and packing any remaining items and decide what few things I will have to leave behind (clothes, who needs em?). I gulped down a quick but somehow satisfying breakfast and we (**my mother and I**; She graciously drove me to the bus stop since leaving my car at the airport for a year would be a piss poor idea) set out to finalize a few things and head towards my Greyhound bus for O'Hare.

2:30 pm: I'm at O'Hare with my backpack and laptop bag (that by the way is crammed full of items in an attempt to cut down on my carry-on's weight) and as I approach the Icelandair line, I realize there is no Icelandair line... To my chagrin, the woman at a nearby counter informs me that they open at 4 pm. So I sulk around for a moment and then decide to wander about.

*wandering complete*

4 pm: A new acquaintance that I've made named Cam and I have realized that we should have waited in line BEFORE they opened. Oh well, it's too late now, right? The line is already 30 people long... which only adds to my previously mentioned bag anxiety. Will my carryon be light enough? Will it fit the maximum dimensions? Will they even care? So many freaking questions and zero answers being directed my way.

6:50 pm: They didn't even notice my bag, nor did they question its physical qualities. I'm supposed to be boarding around this time, but nothing has been announced. So I'm people watching... and sketching. I love the challenge of doing it without them noticing that I’m looking at them. I guess I'll continue to wait for the word?

8 pm: BOARDING - (my flight was scheduled to take off at 7:30 pm) and they're announcing that my seating area can now board. I gladly oblige and what luck?! The seat next to me is open!!

I don't want to toot my own whistle here, but I think this is the start to a great adventure.