This one will be fairly short and sweet. It's covering the time that I left Keflavik, Iceland and traveled to Berlin.


After somehow leaving my phone on top of the car and driving off (thus losing the phone on the evening before I leave), the rest of the evening went smoothly. I stressed out and tried to find it, then accepted facts and decided it was a lost cause and possibly I would be better off without my phone. I was wrong...

2-3 am: Mike and I arrive at the rental car return location and clean. We almost leave, but realize that we still haven't filled up the fuel tank. So back in the car the trash goes and we go refill the used diesel, then return. Fast forward, we managed to tear the front license plate off somewhere in the highlands... and didn't realize it until the rental car employee came out for the inspection and immediately noticed. 

4 am: Mike's flight was changed so we're both just waiting. We can't sleep on the ground floor and out of a desire to have someone to bullshit with while I waited, I didn't just leave him and go upstairs to rest. His flight is at 7:30. Mine is at noon.

6 am: He goes to get his updated boarding pass because the line is now open and he can. We say our goodbyes, marvel at how amazing the trip was, and part ways. I go upstairs. 

7 am to noon: After wandering for an hour, I settle down next to an outlet to charge my remaining electronic devices. Mike finds me and sits down nearby until his flight leaves. Soon after, another man from the US comes over and we bullshit for an hour or 2. He leaves so I go to find food. My flight then takes off right on time. :)

4:30 to 6 pm: In Oslo airport. Just enough time to wander around and then leave again. This time the seat next to me is empty. Freaking awesome!

7:30 pm: Arrive in Berlin. I try to log in to their wifi, but it won't let me book a place to stay because it's not a secure network. I jump on a train after freaking out and find a hostel an hour away. There I have a long but fantastic talk with a woman from Berlin who used to be a teacher before getting sick and now lives in hostels. Interesting night.

It's the 26th now

I decide against staying another night so I pack my bags and head out. First stop is to draw in a park, then to buy an apple, then to buy a new phone. I don't like being clueless to my location... or dependent on my tablet. A woman approached me asking if I would be interested in a seminar on furthering ones self in a direction that lined up with my abilities. Untapped potential, if you will. It sounded super interesting until I noticed the pamphlet said "Scientology Kirchen". I told her I wasn't interested and after some brief arguing, she grumbled and left. Dummy. So anyways, I now have a phone (though it sucks at some things) and I'm in another hostel that's much nicer. Did I mention there's T-mobile WiFi all over here? Some has a time limit, some doesn't, and some just costs money. Oh, and the inhabitants of Germany are sketchy about using cards so a lot of shops only accept cash. Even in the malls. Weird, huh? Anywho, some time later I left to go meet up with some couchsurfers but right before I arrived they left and so I came back to the hostel. 12 km round trip! Slightly annoyed, I broke into conversation with my hostel roommates about my trip, photography, and some other random tidbits. That's basically it before working on my blog (this and the other post about Iceland)... So yeah, now you're fairly up to speed AND I'm up to date. 

Tomorrow will be more sketches and walking. Berlin is amazing! So much artwork!