After the first night of what seemed to be chaos (between the lack of a phone, the inability to book a place to stay), and the complete lack of knowledge regarding where I was and where I was going, all has taken a turn for the better in Berlin. People are friendly for the most part, the fashion sense here is something that has taken on its own life force, and the graffiti that seems to grow like a fungus on everything is amazing.

This city seems to me like a mixture of NYC's offerings of whatever you're in the mood for and the slightly less bustling city life of a smaller metropolitan area. Don't get me wrong, it's still quite busy and I by no means was hinting at laziness of the Berlin-ers. Rather, just the fluidity that the city has acquired and the way it works like a well-lubricated machine. My only major complaint is that EVERYONE here smokes. There are freaking vending machines JUST for cigarettes. It's disgusting, especially when coming from Iceland where though there are still smokers, the people are very conscientious of their surrounds and don't throw the cigarette butts on the ground afterwards. That's essentially my ONLY complaint. There are vendors everywhere, there's every kind of food imaginable, you can find art EVERYWHERE, the people are unique and would give me sketchbooks worth of material, and there's architecture around every corner. It's an amazing place. 

I don't really have a crazy update to post because I've just been wandering, taking photos, and sketching ideas out for later drawings. One thing that I did piece together today is a super-wide panoramic photo of the East Side Gallery, which is a portion of the old Berlin Wall. Hopefully I can embed it, otherwise I'll edit this and post a link to DeviantArt where it's viewable. 

**Okay, yeah no bueno. You can see how wide the image is by the zoomed out version shown below. To see it in its full glory, go HERE and click once if on a phone and TWICE if on a desktop/laptop. That will allow you to view the full image and scroll side-to-side. 

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