Just a forewarning, this probably won't be anywhere near as interesting as yesterday's. 

Today started out with soreness. Legs, feet, back; everything. The only thing that wasn't sore was my brain. No matter how physically tired I am, my mind somewhere along the line seems to have formed an autonomous mode where it puts me on an autopilot of sorts. Surely you've seen the new cars that drive themselves? Yeah, it's a bit like that. Occasional hiccup induced crash and all.


You see, no matter how worn out I am, I keep pushing forward. I hate laziness (yes, hate) and in my mind giving this trip anything less than 110% is a waste. I would be laziness personified. It's as if someone has handed you the key to all of the knowledge in the world and you only have a set amount of time before that disappears. Why is this relevant to my day? Well, it's simple. Though it already hurts to walk, I got up early and left for yet another day of... walking. To be precise, roughly 4 miles of walking uphill with my entire pack weighing 60+ lbs on my back. It wasn't fun. 

As for what I actually did today? That's at least slightly interesting. I woke up and did what most humans do. Or rather, what most living creatures in general do. I ate something, cleaned up, and hit the road. My first train was to Austria, where I was to wait ~30 minutes and jump on a bus to Füssen, Germany. A bus with an extremely unfriendly driver who tried telling me that he couldn't take my digital ticket (purchased through their app since it was Sunday and businesses and I guess ticket counters aren't open in Germany or apparently Austria) because he didn't have his scanner with him. Why to Füssen, you may be asking? Well, it's nearby Neuschwanstein Castle and that's as close as a bus would take me. What's the catch? It's an hour walk away (again, I have my entire pack on my back) and the last third of the walk is VERY MUCH uphill. You know the old idiom "it's only uphill from here"? Yeah, I'm quite certain that originated when somebody was trying to go see this castle.  

So I made the trek with all of its twists, turns, and slow-walking tourists up to the castle. I guess this is a good time to say that it takes around 30 minutes from the base up the road to the castle itself. NORMALLY. Oh, as of the moment when I took my first step up to the castle, I had around an hour and fifteen minutes (30 min up, 30 min down... not much excess) until my bus leaving for Kempten (where my ride to Zürich was picking me up) departed. So I had to hurry! Anyways, I got to where it should have only been around 5ish more minutes to the castle itself just to find out that they're doing construction and you have to take a much less direct, lengthier route. Which I didn't have time for. So after sweating out what water I had in my bottle originally on the grueling incline, I dropped my head in disappointment and started my descent. Today was not my day and this castle will just have to wait. In case you're considering googling Neuschwanstein, it's the castle that Walt Disney based his castle off of. So I recommend clicking HERE


After leaving Füssen, I left for Kempten where I was to meet a woman who drives from there to Zürich for a nursing job. Apparently Switzerland pays significantly better than Germany, so it's well worth the drive. Besides our conversations about careers, travel, children, marriage, and whatever else came to mind, that was pretty much the rest of my day. I ended up in Rafz, which is about 35-40 minutes north of Zürich, staying with a Lea (a friend that I made while traveling in Germany). And... that's all for today. I haven't done any sketches for the past few days, so again I'll just be uploading photos. 


(Below is the map of where all I went today. I like to think that I was fairly productive ☺)