IWhere to begin...? 

I don't know what to start with, where, or how. I haven't posted anything for around a month and I don't really have a great explanation as to why. Since my last post, I've done some small jobs, danced the line of being in (and out of) a relationship, and have pushed my artwork in areas that I previously hadn't dared (or cared) to go

But really, what have I been up to and why haven't I been posting anything? In my mind, the answer to this is quite simple. Putting it into words is a bit more complicated.

I stopped posting blogs because quite frankly, it was boring me. I wasn't doing many things that were THAT interesting. Which meant that I had to fabricate some sort of story or at least post that I thought would appeal to the general audience or at least grab the attention of. I created this blog to record my experience and as a personal way of keeping a log that follows the maturing of my artwork. I stopped because it wasn't something that I wanted to continue doing in the way that I was doing it. I'm starting again because I've noticed that having a reason to draw ends with me drawing more. The two kind of go hand-in-hand.

So yeah, around the end of March, I partook in a rather short-lived relationship of sorts. This meant that I got to put some distance on the motorcycle with a passenger holding on to me. At first, we were only going to some nearby places but with time, we went on longer rides to nearby sights. One of these was a place called "Avala", which is home to the "Monument to an Unknown Hero". The roads were winding and the air was hot so it was essentially a perfect day. This was a bit of a phase as some things got in the way of that whole relationship and it fizzles and grows by day. 

Avala, Belgrade

Besides that, Tom went and finished the winch that we were working on for the refugee camp. I was starting some bigger jobs, so my free time took a nosedive for a couple of weeks. I was either working on some graphic design work or drawing random faces. Some of the drawings that I'll upload were collaborations (something that I rarely do) so if they look very different from what you're used to, that's why. 

Besides these things, I've been busy working on the motorcycle. There's nothing major wrong with it, I just needed some new tires, to reweld the exhaust, and some wiring. Little annoyances, mainly. 

I think that's where I'm leaving this at for now. I'll post all of the photos for Avala up above and the rest below. :)