Today was what I've been looking forward to my entire trip. Sketching! I've been so busy hiking, driving, exploring, talking to locals, and figuring out what to do with myself that I haven't had any time to sketch. There have even been a few times where I'll start and then realize that I have other things that I HAVE TO do. But today, ahhhh, today was a breath of fresh air. It was everything that I had hoped it would be. Architecture, people, great views. The whole of it. 

So, down to business. I think I'll upload my favorite drawings from each day on the blog post that correlates chronologically and then I'll create a separate post that will contain all of my favorite drawings in downloadable .pdf files for each country. I hope that's not confusing. Maybe a separate explanation just in case? 

There will be a separate blog post which will act as a catalogue for .pdf's of each countries drawings. All countries will be in that one post, just separate downloadable files. Make sense? And as of right now, those .pdf's will be free, though I may up that later to a few bucks and/or add the option for a printed copy. We shall see.

Anyways, I walked all over the city and got a few good sketches in. The buildings are most under construction, sadly, so many of those aren't in their full glory at the moment. Oh well, right? There was also a medieval flea market which was going on today, so that was a treat. I didn't do much else that was really interesting, just pick up more German words and draw.