I'm a cheapskate when it comes to travelling (and life in general) and I'll be the first to admit it. Sure, I'll save up and buy a nice camera or gadget, but when it comes to everyday living *scoff*? I pinch pennies like they're liferafts and I'm about to drown in the ocean. Quick question: Can I start off today's log with a statement? Is that a proper introduction in regards to English literature and flow? Eh, as much as my English teachers probably hate me for not knowing, it's really not important.

Anyways, traveling at home in the US, I never pay for housing. I put the back seats of my car down, lay down a sleeping bag, and then continue on the next day (or I use a tent if the area/weather permits it). How about going out to try local cuisine? NEVER! Paying for food that I can get/make for a lower price is always avoided. What about paying for public transit (or any mode of transportation for that matter)? Psh, what, when I have two perfectly functional feet?! To me it all seems preposterous.  My point in these endless examples of frugality? I'm curious if my cheapness is cheapening the experience. If by skimping on paying 2.76€ for a subway ticket, I'm missing out on parts of town that I would otherwise be seeing or people that I would be meeting. 

What brings all of this about? Why start wondering now after spending over the past year traveling whenever possible? Well, it honestly started brewing in my mind a few months back when a friend and I took a road trip from Indianapolis to NYC and Boston. If I hadn't been with him, I probably wouldn't have tried any of the subways and thus wouldn't have seen as much of the city as I did. Because let's face it, you can only walk so far in a day. Especially if you're trying to pay attention to your surroundings and sketch anything you find interesting. Granted, so far in Berlin, I haven't seen everything in the area that I'm in, so it's not a huge issue thus far. But it could become one! I'm slated to see so many places and if I just stick to one interesting area, I KNOW that I'll miss out on the culture in other parts of town. This corner might seem super interesting, but the one across the street may be 10x better. Granted that's an oversimplification, but I just don't know. Anyways, whoever reads this: let me know your thoughts regarding this. To say that I'm curious would be a gross understatement and I appreciate any and all feedback. 


...and now for our regularly scheduled programming...

Today, I did some more of the same as yesterday and the day before. By that, I mean I walked. A-freaking-LOT. See for yourself (to the right).

I met some new people, revisited some places that I loved from previous days (and brought my 360 cam with this time), and lastly I found myself trying out the subway in order to get to a Turkish restaurant with amaaazing food. I even sat in a park talking for a while and then blew bubbles with a new friend. Because I could. :) And all of it was completely worth it. That being said, I do still have this love-hate relationship with berlin due to its cleanliness issue and smoky atmosphere (I am not exaggerating when I say that the majority of the people here smoke. But I love the diversity of cultures and artwork around every corner. It's pretty amazing. 

I think I'll spend two more days here (today and tomorrow) before heading to the western side and finding a ride towards Münster. I hate to leave, but also hate to miss out on other experiences because of a city that will still be here when I'm done. Life's too short, as they say. 

Anywho, I'll post some of today's sketches below. I didn't do anything architectural as I went to many of the same areas as yesterday so I had already drawn what I wanted to see, so what you'll see today are pretty much all people sketches with an inanimate object or two. Enjoy!