So... hitchhiking. It's a funny thing. There are TONS of people who would gladly pick you up, but unless you are traveling wherever the wind blows, there is a least common denominator which must be met. You both have to be going in at least similar directions. Which was the debacle that I ran into yesterday.

Let's start from the beginning: I woke up sort of late, ate multiple breakfasts because I knew that I would be busy most of the day, split my freaking jeans while finishing packing my bag, and then worked on updating my website, this blog, and anything photography related (whether that be merging panoramas or editing). Which took from 9 am to around 3 pm.. Then, the attempts to get a ride started = bad (late start). For those who aren't aware, Berlin to Münster... expensive for a train ticket that goes straight through (~80€). So you try to avoid that and go with ridesharing or hitchhiking. However, if you wait until the last minute (ahem *guilty*) the chances of rides going the way that you are slims way down (for hitchhiking and any open seats in ridesharing seem to fill up). Then rather than having even a few choices, you're simply stuck between sucking it up and using the train OR staying in the city for an extra day and trying again when the sun comes up (this means paying for another night at the hostel). Being that I didn't want to lose more time or money by staying in the city, I went with my backup plan. Which was: get a ticket MOST of the way and then a) hitch the remainder b) ridesharing or c) another train ticket to just get it over with. Which would have been just dreamy. Had I not slept through my stop on the train...

Who knew that hitchhiking could be so sleep-inducing? 

So yeah, I was supposed to get off at a station in a town called Bielefeld and then rideshare with a guy into Münster. Instead, I woke up just as the train was leaving Bielefeld and kept on it until Hamm. Which is actually closer to where I wanted to be anyways, so it worked out (and they don't check tickets twice, so they didn't know I was still on board. Yay free ride!). So yeah, don't be a late riser and get to the hitchhiking point EARLY. Because as much as I tried to convince myself that the pick-up point was garbage and nobody helps hitchhikers going west, the hostel that I'm staying at tonight had a guy here when I arrived that was picked up in EXACTLY the same place that I was at yesterday. He was just there about 5 hours earlier. So yeah, it was completely my fault for procrastinating. And then for listening to the Slavic man who told me to just "walk down about a km to the depot" where I could easily get a ride. First, I was walking next to the autobahn which is terrifying. Secondly, the depot was closed. As in, shut down. Defunct. So I walked the km (with police following me because as they said, walking near the autobahn is stupid) and then just said screw it and took the train anyways. 

In conclusion, yesterday was the most eventful least eventful day that I've ever experienced. I really didn't do much besides going from point A to point B. However, I definitely worked my ass off to go that distance. And that kids, is why you stay in school.

P.S. - When/if you use German night trains, there are different classes of car. If you get into the wrong one, the seats are like sofas and the ride is smooth and silent. The inhabitants are also super snooty and talk smack in German before telling you that you don't belong in this car. So screw those guys. 

Oh, and here are a few sketches that I finished up yesterday. Enjoy!