As anyone who read the last post knows (and for those who didn't: HERE), I'm staying about 40 minutes north of Zürich, Switzerland with a friend who I met earlier in my trip. What you may not know is that each trip into the city (Zürich) costs around $25 for a two-way train ticket (unless you plan on making it there, getting what you need, and then returning within a 2 hour timeframe; in which case it's only $8 and some change). As a result of these hefty travel costs, I've been seeing what I can around the village that I'm staying in, doing some sketches, and working on my website and social media. You know, since I have a free place w/WiFi and my next host isn't available until the 2nd? 

Anywho, it's a relatively small village and most buildings look fairly similar (though they do have their charm), so I haven't been doing much in terms of photography. Some 360° photography the other day, but otherwise, notta. When I say that I've been "doing some sketches", I mean that I've been experimenting. With watercolor, marker, different pens, different paper, different sizes of paper. Basically, since my stay here isn't costing me anything but my food expenses, I'm taking full advantage of the time to catch up on everything not travel related. Hence the lack in blog material (it's not super interesting talking about minute changes made to my website, or how I promote my work). 

Today was less of that and a bit more drawing. I tried my hand at a fairly quick sketch of a house near where I'm staying:

I also went and tried a fairly different approach and took my time on a sketch of a nearby church (built in 1585): 


And besides some study sketches from the work of others (which I won't post as they were just studies of different styles and techniques), that was most of my day. One notable experience (or rather two) was when Lea and I were hungry. The first day, I suggested Chicken Alfredo, to which she agreed (though I later found out she had never had Alfredo sauce and just agreed to go along to find out) and then last night, when we had a rich and creamy Carbonara sauce with some portabella mushrooms, a pinch of onion, and some sliced cherry tomatoes. Did I mention that we made both sauces from scratch? And they were both delicious. 

Anyways, that's all for today and the past few days. If you like any of the drawings and would like to buy a print, please contact me HERE. I'm considering making postscards when I'm traveling (of buildings, people, etc) and then selling them for $5 plus whatever the shipping would be to the states. I think that's reasonable for some original artwork? Again, let me know if you're interested. 

I leave for Bern, Switzerland on the 2nd of October, so until then just keep your eyes peeled for any new sketches. ☺