Excitement? Nah. Today was more about catching up on work (blog/sorting through the nearly 3,000 photos that I've taken within the past month and cataloguing them where they belong). Which was then followed by a train ride back into the city where I wandered for 4 or so hours, looking at whatever I could. People, buildings, ducks and swans, trains, boats. Nothing was safe from my gaze!

Anyways, today's blog will be much shorter and a bit different. To start off (and because some of this won't make sense otherwise), I should state that I'm staying with a friend that I made in Germany (Heidelberg) who goes to school in Zurich. Her name is Lea. 

Now that that's aside... I took the train ...blah blah blah... and wandered. That's already been said. I didn't mention that I forgot my 360 camera back at her house in Rafz (which is too far to go back to once I'm in Zurich). Not that it mattered as I only REALLY wanted to use it in the churches and the first church (Fraumünster) was closed to the public as there was a concert being held inside and the second church (Grossmünster) was closed as it was too late. Oh, and their art museum is closed on Mondays. So instead, it was wandering and architecture for this guy. I saw Altstadt (the old city) which was what I was mainly interested in before going to Lake Zurich. It was right at sunset and with the sailboats and distant mountains, it was beautiful. The rich reddish-orange and yellow contrasted perfectly with the blue sky. I was in photography heaven ☺

After that I met up with Lea, who wanted to show me a couple of places with a great view of the city before it got dark. The first idea was too far away and it would have been dark by the time we arrived, so we went with the second. This proved to be slightly annoying as the lift to the top (though still within the hours of operation) wasn't operating... So we walked. And it was worth it. (image below)

After standing there until it was essentially too dark to see more, we went for a walk to the nearby university where she attends. Can I just say that for AN ENTIRE YEAR OF COLLEGE it costs a student (Bachelor, Masters, it doesn't matter) just over $1,300 USD. Without any scholarships! Compared to the $10-20,000 per year base tuition in the US with many places much higher, I think this is both amazing and a slap in the face to what we pay in the States. I'll end this before it turns into a rant, but just let this sink in if you will.

After leaving the university (it's now nearing 9 pm), we went to get groceries as I had eaten most of my food and needed more. Unfortunately most of the supermarkets in Europe aren't open very late, so buying last-minute food can be a challenge at times. Oh, and I introduced Lea to something delicious called "Chicken Alfredo" which is common-place in the States, but apparently not here. The grocery store didn't have any pre-made jars of sauce, so we bought some garlic, cream, cheese, onions, and mushrooms (we had butter) and made our own. It was delicious! Oh, and on a side note: the store had self-checkout registers! I've missed them so much!! ☹

That's it and that's where I'll end this post. Pictures from my wandering will be posted below, though most of them are of scenes containing the canal or lake. 

(as always, click to make the images larger)